Welcome to the Urban Robotics League

We are a student-led non-profit whose mission is to promote STEM education in public and charter schools, and community organizations in cities to all students regardless of socioeconomic status, race, or gender. The main way we do this is by supporting FIRST teams in the Twin Cities.

The Urban Robotics League currently has the following projects:

  • Mentor Match
  • Student Exchange
  • Acquiring Field Space for 2020 and potentially 2021
  • Organizing a visit to the St. Paul School Board advocating for increased support
  • A FIRST themed workshop/conference

As an incorporated nonprofit, we are able to fundraise on a larger scale than individual teams can. Our mission is to make robotics sustainable, and as a result we will not have mandatory membership fees for our members. We also believe in student leadership, and strive to offer that opportunity to the people involved.

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